Sunday, 8 March 2009

Secret Garden Party 2008

Once again the Ukes of Hafod find themselves at the Play Stage but this time at the wonderful Secret Garden Party.

A make-shift music stand made from a sack trolley adds to the comedy ambiance.

Probably their finest performance to date, to end a great festival summer for the boys from Powys.

Workhouse Festival 2008

Nice to see the Ukes of Hafod play the excellent and Über-environmental Workhouse Festival in July 2008. Not that far from Machynlleth so a strong throng of fans and friends in the audience are entertained in the cabaret tent.

Imagine all the brightest and nicest big top tents from Glastonbury all in one place with no 'white sheds' in sight and that's what you get.

This festival takes place in Llanfyllin, Powys, in July, and is certainly one to watch out for in the summer ....

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Ukes of Hafod - Glastonbury 2008

Ah yes ... the Ukes of Hafod hit the new 'Shangri-la' fields of Glastonbury 2008.

The band produce their longest set to a packed crowd at the Play Stage which includes the first public airing of their classic Welsh Patagonian homage "It's only £1 a Kilo" ... leaving the audience screaming for more - and screaming in laughter pains.

Next gig will be The Workhouse Festival, followed by The Secret Garden Party.

Bring it on lads ....

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Charity begins at home ...

Yes indeed ... the Ukes of Hafod return home to Machynlleth to support the local charity event Brass for Mombasa. Only 4 members are able make it away from the bar in time to perform, but the crowds as ever go wild. The funds raised will help a Kenyan charity project in delivering brass band music to The Street Children Project in Nairobi, and will also provide around 30 brass instruments and tuition to a primary school in Mombasa. Full orchestra dress was not required for this gig and no Ukulele was harmed during this performance.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Ukes of Hafod: The Early Days ..

Mmmm .... Yes this is a rather rare picture taken in April 2008 on the Walk the Plank Theatre Ship, Albert Dock, Liverpool

At this point the infamous uke band was playing under the fuller title of The Ukulele Orchestra of Machynlleth. However, rather flatteringly they were introduced at this 'Potting Shed Cabaret' gig in Liverpool as The Ukulele Orchestra of Wales
(to be kind to the MC I suspect it was much easier to pronounce for outsiders).